Using the 45-70 Springfield Trapdoor Sights - DIGITAL EXCERPT

This digital download is an excerpt from the book "Loading Cartridges for the .45-70 Springfield rifle and carbine" and gives you  30 pages packed with information that answers some of the most difficult questiions regarding the use of the sights for the 45-70 as well as hard to find charts and calculations. (product photo credit to Kenny Durham) Note: If you do not recieve your personal download code within 24 hours in your email, please drop me a quick email and I will manually send the code to you. Please check your spam folder just in case your email filters sent the email with the attached code there. (photo credits Kenny Durham)

Excerpt from the book by J.S. Wolf -ideal companion to take to the shooting range if you already own the bound book by J.S. Wolf, and if you are not sure that you need the comprehensive information in the full book, this excerpt gives you excellent information, instructions and charts to get superior results with the original sights for the 45-70 Springfield.

Enjoy and Good Shooting!


Section 1   Illustration of Model 1879 Sight (Buckhorn) 

Section 2    Illustration of Model 1884 Sight (Buffington) 

Section 3    How to Identify the Correct Front Sight

Section 4    How to Use the 1879 Sight 

Section 5    How to Use the Battle Sights 

Section 6   Windage and Rules of Thumb 

Section 7   Sighting In 

Section 8   Short Range Sighting of the M 1879 Sight 

Section 9    Short Range Sighting of the M 1884 Sight 

Section 10  Using the Ten Finger Computer   

Section 11   Sight Setting & Wind Gauging 

Section 12   Formula for Figuring Trajectory 

Section 13   Wind & Trajectory Chart

Photo credit to Kenny Durham
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