Loading Cartridges for Original 45-70 Springfield

Loading Cartridges for the Original .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine by J.S and Pat Wolf, 3rd edition, spiral bound to lay flat.    This is the book that brought the Trapdoor out of the closet and into the winner's circle at the black powder single shot rifle matches.  J.S. and Pat spent 3 years researching original military sources from the 1800's to learn how the 45-70 cartridge was loaded at the arsenals. Every load was developed with modern components and range tested for accuracy.  Details are given for various rifle and carbine loads as well as cleaning instructions, history of the cartridge and firearm, and a complete chapter on using the original military sights.  If you shoot the original Springfield Trapdoor, this book is for you.

Loading Cartridges for Original 45-70 Springfield
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