58 & 50 Caliber Springfields of the Sprinfield Armory

 The .58 and .50 Caliber Rifles & Carbines of the Springfield Armory  1865-1872 by Richard A. Hosmer  Soft bound  Excellent guide to the various models of these firearms, their history, their variations and their accessories.  List of serial numbers and much more pertinent information--a must for the collector.

To date, there has been no single research source for information  about the post-Civil War small arms that led to the selection of the .45-70  Springfield rifle and carbine. Yet these rifles and carbines bore the brunt of  fighting in the early part of the Indian Wars. Today, they are popular with  firearms collectors but who find little information to aid in determining their  authenticity.

Richard A. Hosmer, a well-known collector of this period, has  written a concise and comprehensive text on each of the eighteen rifles and  carbines that were developed at the Springfield National Armory during this  seven year period and field-tested by the U.S. Army during years that saw some  of the most intense fighting in the West.

Of these eighteen arms, five rifles and one carbine were adopted  and issued for general service; three were issued to the cadets at the U.S.  Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. The  remaining seven rifles and two carbines were issued for various periods of field  testing. They were all variations of the Allin “trapdoor,” Remington, Sharps,  Spencer, and Ward-Burton breech loading systems. All are extremely historical  arms.

Mr. Hosmer’s book provides a detailed description of each rifle and carbine, including markings, finishes, dimensions of all pertinent parts, and a history of each arm’s development. Each firearm is summarized in a separate table. Additional tables list all finishes and markings. Separate chapters describe the bayonets issued with each arm as well as their accoutrements and tools. The book is heavily illustrated with photos of the firearms and their parts.



58 & 50 Caliber Springfields of the Sprinfield Armory
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